The hedge chronical

7 Oct

The hedge is getting smaller and the kindling pile is getting larger. The pile for mulching is also growing taller.

This will make great mulch for the garden, I used last years prunings to cover the new paths in my veggie gardens and will top them up with some of the hedge. It will probably be best to leave it in some wool sacks again to rot down a bit first so it doeas not rob the nitrogen? from the soil.

The problem is we now need some fence posts.


One Response to “The hedge chronical”

  1. dheathcote December 5, 2011 at 11:01 pm #

    Oh Pox!
    I have spread shredded tree as mulch, with gay abandon, without any prior rotting.
    I had better go and spread fertiliser in the affected areas. Thanks for the warning.
    Cheers Donna

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