Who are we & what do we want to get out of the “Green street”?

16 Oct

We are a group of 10 households with a mixed demographic of retired, middle aged, and young families. Most of the men communte- some car pool, and the women mostly work locally- preferring to use a car and sometimes biking for transport. One family rents and the others own their homes. People have lived here ranging from 13 years to 6 months. Most households have vegetable gardens and some fruit trees. Two households have tank and bore water. Some have chickens, and one household has solar power.
Most householders say they want to get to know their neighbours, and become more self sufficient. Other responses are – wanting to know our current carbon footprint and see how to reduce it, to hear from others, and to have a more productive vegetable garden, reduce power consumption, help children make good choices, insulate, and learn about what are the small daily things that make a difference.
One of the renting families wants to know how to ’travel lightly’ how to move in and out of a community and still create a green environment without investing too much.


One Response to “Who are we & what do we want to get out of the “Green street”?”

  1. Catherine October 16, 2011 at 5:27 am #

    Workshop at Piripi’s place: ‘NZ values’ 7-9pm running for 4 consecutive Tuesdays starting 18th October. Koha. Please ph Piripi on 9046008 if you are interested

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