Biodigester workshop Sunday 11th December 10.30

5 Dec

11th Dec- Sunday at 1030 am at 141 Alexander Road. Hannah the KCDC Green Gardener on making biodigesters.

A good way to make your nasty weeds work for you.

Hannah will be demonstrating how to make the biodigester during the course and a handout will be available after, however if you want to make your own while you are there you will need the following

• Two industrial barrels with lids that can seal
• One in line tap – can be plastic or brass – 16mm
• Plastic pipe either plumbing or electrical conduit about 300 mm long
• Fittings for pipe and tap to fit into barrel
• Wood saw
• Drill
• Drill bit approx 10mm
• Drill bit to suit pipe diameter (spade bit will drill plastic)
We look forward to seeing you there


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