What alternatives are there?

5 Dec

The internet is a mindfield of information when you have questions you can’t answer.
One of the things we have spoken about as a street are the problems getting rid of our meat trays as they can not go in the recycling. Surely New Zealand with its clean green image has the answer.

The answer is yes.

I sent the following e-mail on the 16 October and have since then had a couple of chats with Richard.
I just need to work on a survey with Staceys support to go out to the wider public of Kapiti to see if you would pay an extra few cents to know you were reducing your contribution to landfill.

Hello Richard
I live in Alexander Road, Raumati Beach, Kapiti Coast
We have entered the Kapiti Coast District Councils Greenest Street Competition 2011/2012. http://www.kcdc.govt.nz/Our-District/greenest-street/
We have just set up a blog to record the changes we make to the way we live https://alexrdgreenfrogblog.wordpress.com
One of the aims is to reduce the amount of rubbish we send to landfill.
I have started to send e-mails to companies whose products I normally purchase whose packaging does not have a recycle label on it, my first went to McCain frozen foods today. Pams manage to have their products labelled so why not McCain?
I have also been talking with my neighbours about the meat trays used by our local supermarkets Pak n Save and Countdown.
I visited Pak n Save recently and spoke to a lady there about alternatives and she seemed receptive to a possible change, they are also looking to reduce their waste as well. I explained that something needed to change and someone needed to make the change first so why not our local store!
So I have been looking through the net for a local NZ made alternative.

I read with interest an article on your win this year at the
NZ Best Packaging Award
CONGRATULATIONS on your award.

“Mr Williams said his company has been working with scientists from Plant & Food Research in Lincoln for the last five years to produce a food-grade, 100% compostable coating for Potatopak which will make it suitable for meat and hot/wet foods. The products will then be microwaveable and be able to hold coffee. He expected the product would be ready to launch at the end of the year.”

Are you the answer to our problem?
Do you have a local rep who could come and talk to us or give us some advice on how we can make this change. I did suggest to our neighbours and Pak n Save that we could do a survey of customers leaving the store to see how they felt about this issue.
Do you think this is the way to go.
Your expertise in affecting change would be very welcome.
I hope have not rambled on and I look forward to hearing from you.

Diane Turner

OVER TO YOU the readers of this blog

Would you be prepared to help run a survey outside our local supermarkets or do you even just agree this is a good idea?


One Response to “What alternatives are there?”

  1. Alexander Rd December 5, 2011 at 8:48 am #

    Hi I think this is a great idea. Well done on getting this rolling Diane. Gwen

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