How many to make a Biodigester, a community.

12 Dec

John receiving instruction and support from our two youngest members!

Yesterday saw the building of our second biodigester (Donna and Brian had already built one using the instructions handed out at last years KCDC Home and Garden Show)

Hannah KCDC’s Green Gardener came equiped with hers from home to show us the finished product.

We had purchased two 125L barrels from Brian at Plastic Welding Repairs, Unit 5 Ihakara Street 04 2984582 for $30 each and the fixings from Mitre 10 for $28.50

We all had a hand in building the Biodigester which will be used to turn our nasty weeds that don’t go into the compost into a valuable liquid feed for our gardens.

Once we receive our grant application monies from KCDC’s Waste Minimisation Fund we will hold a production workshop to literally roll out our street barrels.

What you see is not always the full story

If only going to work was always this much fun!

Girl power as Gwen drills the hole for the pipework. The boys could probably do the whole build in their sleep now.

Watch out for a date for the Biodigester production workshop.


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