Things that we …

14 Mar

Things that we have done differentlysince being part of the Green Street:

Changing power companies by going to the consumer site-whatsmynumberand following the easy steps to work out the best $ saving option for us. It was easy and we really are spending less on power. It will be interesting to see what happens to the power bill over this winter, but the summer prices were down on the last few years by about $30-40 per bill.

We are also turning off our appliances at the wall and I think this is making quite a big difference in reducing our power consumption- its easy once you start getting into the habit, and it does pay off financially, but also ethically.

Some other things we are doing in our household that are new is the connection we now have with our neighbours/friends. Its great, we get together and have a shared project to talk about- a lot of the time we just chat and thats really nice- but there is a sense of shared values and learning new things together, helping each other and kindness which is nice to be part of.

I’ve had my garden going for a few years now and the sense of achievement I get when I walk inside with my arms full of produce is neat. At the moment the zuchinnis are going pretty crazy and we are eating them in many different ways. My cake was a bit of a flop- but ill try again.

Our chickens are producing slowly and are great mates

Piripi has built 2 recycled sheds- one for our garden tools made out of pallets and wood we had lying around the house, and the other to cover our wood – topped with corrogated iron ( supplied by the Street) and a board from the local pub. Recycling feels resourceful and creates a sense of achievement and dare I say it “happiness”.

We were able to recycle our neighbour “Matt”s’ wood from him pulling down an old garage and Piripi has cut it up.As it is not treated we will be able to use it in our wood burner. Thanks Matt!

Our neigbours are dropping their lawn clippings over the fence so I can add it to my compost heap for carbon or nitrogen- depending on whether it is dry or wet.

Preserves and jams etc fill the cupboards and are neat to give away as presents also.

Its all good fun!


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