19 May

May has been rather quiet on the gardening front, however at the end of April I planted some more brassicas and onions. The beetroot is coming along nicely and the carrots, well i’m not sure.  I have thinned them and we shall see.  I have some broccoli coming along beautifully, 1 head almost ready.  I feel like I planted these ages ago, it will be noted back somewhere in the blog.  It may have been around the time of the wheelbarrow acquisition.  The cabbages and onions in the wheelbarrow are not at all thriving, but I think I planted them in too much compost perhaps??  Work has started, over the past few days, on the new compost.  Posts are in and it’s starting to take shape.  Today I shared in the consumption of the first 3 feijoas (this season) from our trees.  We have 2 feijoa trees in the very backyard by the original compost heap.  This year these trees have thrived, they are not much over a metre tall, but with my knew knowledge I have nurtured these babies over the past 8 or so months, particularly mulching and feeding with good quality, homemade stuff.   The result is big fat large feijoas that taste awesome.

We also took owndership of a friend’s grass clippings and autumn leave pile yesterday.  This may seem rather strange, but I have been eyeing up all the fallen leaves around the district.  When my friend posted on facebook a lovely pile of leaves she had raked, I couldn’t resist asking to take them off her hands.  Little did I know that I would get bonus grass clippings too.  These are going to be added to our lovely pile of tea leaves from the beach and my paper shreddings from the street purchased shredder.  That is panning out to be some seriously fabulous mulch.


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