and because I love tomatoes so much ……

20 May

Today a friend and I and the children took a trip up to Otaki to buy vegetables and fruit (obviously I can’t grow everything).  To our surprise there was 50% off end of season pick your own.  We couldn’t resist so set about picking.  I gathered around 10kg of tomatoes @ .50c a kg, Red peppers at .75c a kg, chillis I think the same as peppers and apples were .50c a kg, we also picked red onions at a very cheap price.  Madi (who is 14 and catching on to making her own) has stewed up most of the apples and frozen them – a wee trick she learnt of her grandmother.  I, of course set about dealing with the tomatoes etc.  I have produced about 6 jars of just tomatoes and 3 containers in the freezer, I also produced some more Harvest tomatoe sauce (Annabel Langbein) but instead of puree’ing the roasted goodnes I froze into small containers which can be used on pizzas etc at a later date. I still have leftover peppers of which i will roast and attempt to freeze and maybe even bottle.


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