PaknSave’s comments on our polystyrene tray survey results

25 Jun

“You have very definitely made us look at this issue closely and we would be keen to trial alternative packaging if the feedback from the chap working with Foodstuffs is positive and the costs are comparable”.

And the man working for Foodstuffs has said

“Many thanks for your email and the work put into undertaking your survey of local consumers.
The results of the survey have helped inform the development of a ‘Sustainable Packaging Strategy’ for Foodstuffs which we are hopeful will be adopted in the near future.
A major ‘driver’ in persuading large retailers to adopt more sustainable approaches is documenting changing public attitudes towards environmental matters and this is exactly what your survey has help achieve.
I have spoken with Jenny Scotcher at PNS Kapiti and will hopefully be working with her over the coming months to deliver packaging with lower associated environmental impacts.”
Mike Sammons
Senior Assoc. Env. Scientist
URS New Zealand – Engineering and Environmental Professional Services
We will let you know when we know what changes are going to happen locally and hopefully nationwide. thank you to everyone who took the time to complete one of our surveys. And thank you to PaknSave and Foodstuffs for hopefully giving us a chance to get rid of the polystyrene trays :o)

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